The Development of StrongHands

1. The Role of a Great Community

StrongHands regards community, friendship and freedom. Since the 2017 takeover members and not big holders leaded by Bumbacoin conducted the project going into the decision to end the hyperstake configuration of 1,200% monthly. This would destroy the coin and project. The best decision was forking the old project to control inflation and issuance for a maximum of 17 trillion coins.

After this time many investments through fundraising among members came to develop the first website, marketing and listings at few exchanges, we are proud to say we never conducted an ICO. All members are true holders who bought coins direct from exchange believing in the project.

In a great generation, StrongHands is inspired and supported by of over 12,000 community members who believe in financial freedom, friendship, love, compassion, and a better world without oppression against the poor and those in need.

StrongHands is a multi-level, worldwide community whose purpose is to motivate and encourage individuals to pursue a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle combined with financial freedom for all individuals involved in it.

2. The 5,000,000:1 Swap to SHMN

During the period of March of 2018 community decided to swap coins into a new masternode coin which as called StrongHands Masternode Empowered by StrongHands. Since the greatest barrier was the large supply, team made the decision to adopt a hybrid technology of DASH, PIVx and Zerocoin creating the Kaizen Protocol.

The controlled inflation was a deliberate design choice to provide a long term source of passive income. The technology is reportedly revised regularly by the development team in order to maximize security and reliability. So to get a 1 SHMN, 5,000,000 SHND were requested using a swap platform. Since swap was not obligatory, around 3,3 trillion coins were swapped and SHND supply reduced to 15 trillion coins. But, this wasn't enough.

3. SHND Supply Reduction Solution

After few months observing many comments from community, SHND Team decided to do the most difficult move which was an obligatory reduction supply to adequate situation to reality since investors don't find positive coins with trillionaire supplies. From this point, decision was for a 1000:1 swap and it was a great challenge since it created a demand to move old and dormant wallets. In two days all supply were cutted to 29 billion coins maximum.

This will be last ever swap StrongHands Team will conduct. From now one another horizons will be opened with more projects and integrations.