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SHND GUI Wallets and Staking

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How to Setup Staking Features

Instructions For How To Stake (6 Steps):

  1. If needed, make sure to take a look here for sure connection to the network using some Peers
  2. Recommended to first encrypt your wallet.
  3. Let your wallet be fully synced. You can sync your wallet faster using the Bootstrap
  4. Make sure to have SHND coins deposited to your wallet.
  5. Your coins from your transaction input must mature for a minimum of 29 days first. You don't have to leave your wallet open until the 29 days maturity.
  6. When your coins have matured, unlock your wallet and leave your wallet open and running. And of course your computer system must be on and running too with internet connection.
  7. The wallet will be opened only to mint SHND and there is no risk to get coins stolen once you have a good use of your computer not navigating in malicious websites or installing bad application.

How Long Does It Take To Receive A Stake:

No one knows exactly when a stake will be given. The length of time it takes to receive a stake reward depends on a number of things: like the weight of the network, transaction sizes, new blocks being added, etc, and as more blocks are being added, the difficulty and time becomes more. It all depends and staking takes time.

How To Receive Faster Stakes:

* Fast computer
* Large input transactions
* Good and stable internet connection

Slower Stakes And/Or No Stakes At All:

* Slow computer
* Small input transactions
* Bad and unstable internet connection

Color Explanation For Staking:

Red color (transaction is too young):

This means that the transaction is not mature enough to start staking. Must reach a minimum of 29 days first.

Blue color (transaction is mature):

This means that the transaction is mature of atleast 29 days to start staking and is eligible for a stake reward.

Green color (transaction has reached maximum probability) (120 days is the max cap for each transaction input):

This means that the transaction has little to no chances of receiving a stake reward. You can restart this transaction by re-sending the same amount of coins to yourself using your desktop wallet.

Calculate the amount of coins receiving through staking using our PoS Calculator